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A 2-Minute Offense for Your Internship Search

It is March, and internship seekers, not to mention May graduates worry it is too late to find employment.   As of today, job seekers have roughly eight to ten weeks to secure employment before the end of the semester.   DO NOT PANIC!  You have time.  You have plenty of time to find an […]

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Don’t Confuse Career Goals with Career Results

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is confusing their career goals with the results of a successful career.  What do I mean by that?  Take experience, for example.  The goal for obtaining an internship is not to get experience.  Seriously, it is not.  The goal for an intern is to begin proving their […]

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Why Should You Be Hired?

“Why should you be hired?”  The dreaded interview question right behind “Tell me about yourself”.   If you are unable to confidently answer why you should be hired, then an employer certainly will not know either. Employers seek confidence supported by tangible evidence answering why you are the best candidate for any given position.  Often […]

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Do You Love Your Career?

When asked if I love what I do for my career, my answer is very quick and said with confidence.  Yes!!!   I love career coaching.  I love guiding my students and clients to realizing their strengths, taking on the challenge to minimize their weaknesses, and encouraging job seekers to chase their dreams.  I love writing […]

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Career Answers Every Prospective MBA Should Know

MBA Admissions activity is in full swing.  Programs are in the process of traveling the globe to recruit the best of the best. Work experience, GPAs and GMAT/GRE scores are top of discussion in MBA Admissions offices. If you are planning to get your MBA, think of what you can offer as a candidate and […]

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Seeking H1B for Just a Few Years

It is a common career goal to work in another country for a couple of years for that global experience.  International students come to the US for an education and hope to stay for at least a few years for this very reason.  US Citizens look for international experience themselves for this very reason.  After […]

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LinkedIn and the AggieNetwork

The value of LinkedIn has increased yet again.  Now that LinkedIn has partnered with colleges and universities to launch the “Alumni” piece, school connections and networking are skyrocketing.  As a Former Student (that is what we call ourselves) of Texas A&M University and a current Career Coach at this dear institution, I could not be […]

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