Ah, summer in College Station. If you aren’t doing summer school and you have time to kill…what should you do? I’ll give you a quick bucket list of summer activities in or around College Station.

1. Have you ever spent a day in Brenham? If not, you have got to do it. Brenham is a cute little town only about 45 minutes away that has good shopping and authentic, hole-in-the-wall lunch restaurants. (Recommendation: Must Be Heaven – they have the most amazing pie) AND HELLO WE’RE IN TEXAS so of course you must visit the Blue Bell Factory while you are there! Brenham is home to Blue Bell and, rumor has it, you get to taste-test some of their best flavors. (Fingers crossed it reopens soon.)

2. Lake Bryan: I don’t know why more people don’t utilize this lake more often! You can do everything from camping to swimming to canoeing/paddle boarding/kayaking AND the restaurant at Lake Bryan (The Icehouse) has good food and live music on weekends. It’s a great place to hang out for the day or to spend a weekend.

3. Top Golf Houston. Houston is only an hour and 15 minutes’ drive from College Station (keep that in mind!), and Top Golf is a really fun place to spend four hours and eat, drink and attempt to flaunt your golf skills (or in my case, lack thereof).

4. First Friday in Bryan: This is an event hosted in downtown Bryan with free food, street performers, good shopping, artists and lots of music. (See: I will have to admit… I have never been to First Friday; however, I hear about it all the time from friends and the occasional professor. Really, though we have got to do this.

5. Pond hopping. If this isn’t the most authentic College Station activity, I don’t know what is. Pond hopping is the questionably “legal” activity of hopping into all the ponds throughout the A&M campus and taking pictures and just having a good ‘ol time with your friends. Lots of freshmen do it (*raises hand*) and it is something you will never forget.

6. ***For those 21+*** Messina Hof is our very own College Station winery and B&B. You and your friends can spend a day there tasting wines and browsing the stores. You can also relax for a few nights at the B&B, but let’s be real, we’re just college students.

7. And for the last thing, I’ll throw in some educational activities. If you’re in College Station for any amount of time, you must check out the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. Not only is it beautifully designed and perfect for a picnic or outside walk, the museum covers a lot of U.S. history and will keep you entertained all afternoon. (See:

Another must-see is the Bonfire Memorial. If you don’t know, Texas A&M lost 12 students when our annual bonfire collapsed in 1999. This beautiful memorial on campus features 12 doors, each of which point towards the hometown of the fallen Aggie. I’ve toured this site probably five times and I love it each time. It’s truly a sobering experience. (See:

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