Today is a hugely integral part of an Aggie’s life – I ordered that little piece of gold that will be on my right ring finger FOREVER! A pricey but necessary purchase, about 99% of the Texas A&M student body orders their Aggie ring. After all, 90 hours worth of tedious course-work has to have something to show for itself, right?

A&M has a beautiful ring unlike any other (actually, this isn’t true anymore ever since t.u. redesigned their school ring to look strikingly similar to A&M… sorry Texas, ours is the original).

The awesome thing about A&M is they make everything ring-related a big deal. Just ordering the ring is a cool experience. (Sometimes) you dress up, get fit for your ring, throw down some dough, and voila! – three years of being jealous of upperclassmen are finally over.

Three months from now, on September 25, you can find me at the Association of Former Students, with about 10,000 other students and their families, getting my own little bit of A&M.

I live for the day when someone looks down at my ring finger and asks, “Is that an Aggie ring?” and I can wiggle it around obnoxiously all over the place and exclaim “YES IT IS! YOU LIKE??”

Thanks, Mom & Dad.

(“Photoshoot” below)