As most of you don’t know, I am working this summer as a supply chain management intern at COSCO. And, as you likely do know by now, I studied abroad this past semester (refer to previous posts). It was really stressful for me to find an internship while in France because correspondence was difficult with thousands of miles between me and prospective companies. For one, most companies interview face-to-face, if not at least give you a call. Neither would work for me as I couldn’t interview in person and my American phone number didn’t work in France. I heeded multiple comments from friends saying, “Oh, you NEED an internship to get a good job,” and I was wide-eyed and stressed about my summer employment future.
After months of going nowhere, COSCO graciously offered me a summer internship. While I’m so, so grateful for the opportunity, it’s taken a little getting used to. For one, working 9-5:30 with an hour-long commute is quite the change of pace. And seeing snapchats from my friends at the pool is difficult.
It’s a little bit of a struggle at times, with this being my very first “big girl job,” but I’m powering through it! I can’t wait for all the opportunities that await me after logging this summer onto my resume.
So if you’re like me and you’re lucky to have landed an internship given whatever circumstances you faced – be happy! Feel accomplished! You “done good!” 😉