It’s the middle of July, and to all of my fellow students: we are halfway through summer! The end of August marks the start of a brand new school year (and more importantly—football season). You are either very excited about this, or dreading the end of yet another warm, wet and wonderful break.

What have y’all been doing with your summer thus far? Where do you find yourself on the “summer spectrum?” In the far left we have hanging out with friends every night, relaxing by the pool every day and traveling to your heart’s desire on the weekends. How about the far right: 8-5 job every day, little energy or drive to hang out with your friends, and a fat paycheck but an empty social schedule. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, (far righties – raise your hand!) I have a few suggestions to get you thinking about, and prepared for, the beginning of the school year.

Most of you, if not all, have created your schedule by now. Take a few minutes tonight and review it a little bit. Is that three-day-a-week Pilates class you were so pumped for in March starting to look a little intimidating after the lack of exercise you likely got this summer? Are the 18 hours of curriculum you registered for not looking that great anymore, especially amidst football season? Add/drop week begins at the beginning of August, so glancing at your schedule you made months ago (and probably at 4 a.m.) may be wise.

Don’t forget to get any loose ends tied off before the school year starts. Are you planning on going to ACL in October? Do you want to go to a few away football games in November? Awesome, get those plans finalized before school starts. The last thing you want to be doing is racing around during midterms trying to make things fall into place.

Another smart tip for making the school year start smoothly is to move into your residence about a week or so before school starts. Don’t be amongst the many that move in the Sunday before classes start and race to be prepared for the next day. When you get everything moved in and finished a week or two before school starts, you end up lounging around for the remaining days. This makes it easier to get back into the swing of things and you’ll be more ready for classes to begin.

Get to thinkin’, kids!