As the title says, Texas A&M is so big and full of unique students that we have over 1,000 organizations to involve yourself with. So, like all of your friends constantly shove down your throats, GET INVOLVED. You will not regret it.

Fimageor the incoming freshmen: Going through the unfamiliarity of moving out of your home and into a whole new city is difficult, it really is. I spent three hours crying on my bedroom floor after my parents left me all alone in my dorm my freshman year. It is a scary experience, but meeting new people and forming those bonds pulls you out of whatever funk you may be in and just enhances your freshman year that much. For starters, Fish Camp. Unfortunately, it is too late for incoming freshmen in the Class of 2019 to sign up. If you are already signed up, get ready for a heck of a time. And it does not end there; signups to become a Fish Camp counselor start after Christmas break, and you do not need to have been at camp to sign up for a counselor slot. Fish Camp is fun and you meet and bond with so many of your peers.

Next are FLO’s (Freshmen Leadership Organizations), which are very popular and highly recommended for freshmen. There are around 10 different ones. You can learn all about them online and/or meet those involved with them at the MSC Open House on Sept. 6.

Another option is Greek Life. Being in the SEC has really increased the popularity of Greek Life, and Texas A&M has a stronger Greek community than ever before. You could also consider joining a men’s or women’s organization. Both of these are incredibly popular here in Aggieland, and I cannot tell you the number of people I know that have either started one or who are currently a member of one. And another great thing? You can be in all three if you would like. There is no limit to what you can join!

For sophomores/juniors/seniors: Please do not be among the many who think once your freshman year is over, organizations aren’t as big and there isn’t as much of a need to join one. As I discussed in the previous paragraph, Greek Life and men’s/women’s organizations thrive until you graduate. There is no “it is too late” for any of these organizations except for FLO’s, but sophomores, keep your eyes peeled for SLO’s (Sophomore Leadership Organization). And please do not get me started on Fish Camp! You can sign up to be a counselor or a part of crew all the way until the year before you graduate.

Whatever suits your fancy, we’ve got it here at your favorite school.



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