image2So you signed up for Fish Camp, but you don’t know what to expect. What is Fish Camp? Why is it such a big deal? Why even sign up to begin with? (Class of 2020, that one’s is for you!)

Here’s the basic run-down:

Step 1: Your mom and dad drop you off at the parking lot and you see all types of strange people with facial piercings and dyed hair. “What the heck is this?” you ask yourself. You load a bus with 30 other people you’ve never seen in your life. You play fun games on the bus ride to Palestine, Texas. You meet a few friends. You stick together.

Step 2: You are introduced to your “DG.” They are cool! You like your “DG parents.” (You have no idea how much work and effort they’ve spent preparing for you. They like you A LOT.) Mixers are fun, and you’ve never whipped so hard in a crowd of 1,000 students.

Step 3: The skits are so funny; you think the counselors are weird but you really like them. They seem to be having so much fun! You want to be a counselor and vow to apply in a few months.

Step 4: WOW, NOW YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT TEXAS A&M! You know all about the yells, traditions and Texas A&M Family. Has it already been four days? The busses are here to take you home but you don’t want to go just yet!

Step 5: This is the best part about Fish Camp – you go home, but it doesn’t end there. There are camp lunches every day, you meet up with your DG fairly often, and you have 26 role models who all want to help make your time at A&M so great. Plus, the friends you make in your four days at Lakeview very often set the groundwork for the rest of your college career. They are your very first college friends, and will likely follow you to the very end.

image4I have been a counselor for two years and highly encourage everyone to apply come January. Fish Camp is great because it’s for everybody, and there is no “typical” type of person that should apply. Each camp is that much better with a wealth of different type of people. You spend ~6 months doing fun, bonding activities with your camp such as road trips, day trips, and lots and lots of meetings. Sign up for counselor – I guarantee you won’t regret it! (Some even say the counselors have more fun than the freshmen, but that’s for you to find out ;D)

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