Today is Monday, Aug. 10, and my internship at Cosco is officially over! Two months of work in my field have come to a close and I am heading back to College Station tomorrow to move in and get everything ready for school to start.

Let this be a piece of advice to every undergraduate business major out there: you need an internship. As I previously outlined in my other blogs, it wasn’t easy to get one but BOY am I glad I did! Actually, I previously applied to a different internship about a year ago in August and made it to the final round before getting “cut.” It definitely didn’t feel too good at the time, but looking back on it that was an internship for management majors and I am a supply chain major, so this internship was a much better fit for me and I am gaining more relevant experience in a field in which I will actually be operating. So, hey, everything happens for a reason! Don’t let small things like that deter you.

Internships prove themselves important for a number of reasons:

1. You gain important experience in your field of study. If you were unsure where you fit in the business school before, you certainly know better now. Internships will offer bigger insight into what you could be doing for the rest of your life.

2. Your work ethic improves in a business setting. This summer, you’re not just working a fun life-guarding job like you did last summer, but you’re getting a glimpse into the business world and building great habits. You probably won’t even notice it when you secure a full-time career, but you’ll be more poised, attentive, confident and experienced in whatever you do.

3. I cannot emphasize this enough: your resume needs this as a bullet point. Just from my experience, every single company looks for an internship as they scan your resume. They will highly regard one and having one could mean thousands of dollars in starting salaries.

Here is a website that also offers similar reasons why you should highly consider searching for an internship before you graduate: http://www.quintcareers.com/internship_importance.html

Good luck!