To help balance out all the awful events taking place around our world, I just wanted to take some time to Motivate Your Monday and remind you to be thankful for what you have.

As Mays Business School students, we have:

– A world-class university that is regarded highly among scholars as well as employers,

– The opportunity to succeed no matter where we’ve come from, because a degree from Texas A&M far outweighs ANY,

– Faculty that have excelled in whichever area of focus and teach us in order for us to excel and lead in the world outside College Station,

– A university that prides itself on family, community, traditions, as well as providing a Tier One education,

– An exciting football team, a BEAUTIFUL new stadium and proud, loud fans that make the four hours yelling and standing up worthwhile,

– A vast Aggie Network of loyal former graduates that open doors for you and create new opportunities,

– A life-long sense of pride that you attend a university with all these incredible qualities and that strives to continually do so much for you.

There’s some motivation! We really go to the best university and we are so #BLESSED to be able to.

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