Let me just say, this week is probably my favorite of the entire school year. Mark your calendar: Today through August 30 you will be booked from sun up to sun down. There’s nothing that gets you more PUMPED up for a new school year than a week of free food, new friends and tons of social events.

Being a Fish Camp counselor, we were always instructed to go with our discussion group and take advantage of all the free activities, so I am well-versed in Gig ‘Em Week. The Department of Student Life does their best to have a little something for everyone. The most popular is the Howdy Cookout (TODAY), which is where a bunch of Aggies get together in Academic Plaza and eat free BBQ. It’s a great time to meet new people and socialize for FREE because, hey, we’re college students and need to preserve our money! Going off of that, make note of all the “free stuff” offered throughout the week. Local food chains (aka pizza places) and many A&M clothing stores offer free apparel and great deals throughout the week.

Greek Life is also very active this week. Many girls opt to spend the week rushing a sorority and the men’s fraternities host different socials for prospective members to experience what each house has to offer.

Gig ‘Em Week is also called the best week ever because the apartment complexes around College Station love to utilize their facilities and host pool parties, grill BBQ, and play sand volleyball. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and make new friends in the process. My advice? Spend some of the day at the pool before summer officially ends, and then go to the specific things on campus that you are interested in.

Freshmen, enjoy your first Gig ‘Em Week and be sure to participate. Sopomores, juniors and seniors – keep at A&M’s first tradition of the year!

Hold down the fort for me, I’ll be cruising the Caribbean!