image1HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, KIDDOS! There are a couple things you need to know, so pay attention and practice taking notes. 😉

OK, it may be “syllabus week” but please don’t be tempted to skip classes! Prepare the night before, get to class on time, sit in the front for maximum education absorption, blah blah blah. I know everyone has heard the same tips for some 13 years of education, so let me clue you in on some things you may not know.

Reference for helpful student reviews on professors and classes. Starting today, you have five days to add/drop courses, so knowing how professors tend to grade or teach will be beneficial for the coming semester. ***ATTENTION: MOST HELPFUL TIP EVER*** You can also access an accurate spreadsheet of the grade distribution from the previous semester with any particular professor and other helpful statistics by going to and entering in the class and semester. I personally didn’t know about this until a few weeks ago and I’m STILL beating myself up over it. How helpful is that?!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming BSC Career Fair. It approaches quickly and you’ll want to have your resume up to date, shoes freshly polished (boys) and Kendra’s newly purchased (girls). The fall career fair is so important in the search for full-time positions and internships. Hundreds of companies participate and are always eager for Mays students. One cool and notable benefit BSC offers is a clothing closet for the career fair. You can check out pantsuits and other business professional clothing FOR FREE. Mark your calendars – September 23 and 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Reed Arena. Go to for more information.

Have a memorable first day (LAST first day for me!) and make the best first impressions you can. You only get one chance.

Get through this week and you’ll get to watch the Aggies BTHO ASU on Saturday!

As always, thanks for reading!