Last year, as a junior in college, I watched all of my senior friends interview, sign with a company and later graduate. It posed a question that made me nervous: Where am I going? Where are WE going? I would be willing to bet the majority of us out there are wondering the same thing.

The last year of 16 years of education is upon me, and I feel like I’m backed into a wall. I want to shout at employers, “I’m a great employee! I’m a hard worker! I have spent four years at a tier-one university and I am well educated! Just hire me and let’s skip this whole process.” If only it was that easy. This past week wasn’t just for me to get acquainted with my new classes, but to revise my resumé over and over and over again.

But even then, I keep wondering where I will end up. Where is this road leading me? Well, I don’t know now and probably won’t for awhile. But for now, here’s a guideline with tips for senior year:

-Revise your resumé. Go to the Career Center website (careercenter.tamu.edu) and follow the templates and guidelines set forth. They give you great tips for keeping your resumé focused and precise. Also, once you’ve done the best that you can at home, go to the center and they will meet with you one-on-one to further improve your resumé.

-Create a cover letter. This is an important one because I am willing to bet that a good chunk of applicants either have a weak cover letter or don’t even submit one altogether! It’s easy to create a template (using the advice found on the Career Center website), then refine it to tailor it to each company you apply to.

-M.O.C.K. I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. Do them. They’re invaluable and prepare you for the toughest of interviews you will undoubtedly encounter. I haven’t done one (yet) but I am absolutely going to get a few under my belt!

-Study for your senior classes. (I need to especially focus on this one myself.) It’s easy to focus on applications and interviews and football season and being a senior and everything that is fun . . . but let’s not lose sight of our academics! Study up!

I look forward to looking back on this blog once everything’s finished and finalized! Until then, thanks for reading.