Last Friday, one of the biggest events in an A&M student’s life happened to ME – I got my Aggie Ring!!!! 90 hours has never looked so beautiful!

The whole day is very well put together and the Association of Former Students really make the event so special. I had my father present my ring to me and my mother and my friends were all there to witness it.

It’s a very quick 15 minutes – you get ushered in the door, stand in a line behind your last name, your parent places the ring on your finger, you snap a few pics and then you’re out the door so the next group can get their ring. There were some 5,000 students who earned their ring on Friday!

One of my favorite things when with an Old(er) Ag is to admiring their ring and all the visible wear. It’s truly amazing to think of all the years and events that ring has been through.

I plan on wearing this baby for the rest of my life!

Thanks and Gig ’em!

***Pics below!***

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