ring dunkThe topic for today is Ring Dunk; it’s the tradition swept under the rug by most faculty and parents. But, whether you admit to it or not, Ring Dunk is alive and real and currently in season! For those of you who don’t know, Ring Dunk is a fairly new “tradition” (brought around in the ’90s) where Aggies drop their ring in a full pitcher of beer and proceed to drink the entire pitcher. Usually, students do this to celebrate receiving their Aggie ring. Have no fear, students who participate in this tradition are 21 and up!

Once again playing devil’s advocate, I wonder, is Ring Dunk really a beneficial practice? A&M is founded on wholesome traditions that aim to make our school better and looked up upon. Do we really want A&M to be seen in this light? To quote my mother, “You really don’t need to participate in this, Lauren!” As much as I like to roll my eyes to these comments, I have to admit – Ring Dunk serves zero purpose.

But on the other hand and speaking as a student, Ring Dunk is fun! It’s a rite of passage for so many students and an event to look forward to. Not to mention, so many students opt to drink something other than beer. I can’t tell you amount of Ring Dunks I’ve been to where someone drank sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, chocolate milk or even just Gatorade. If you want to participate in this tradition, there are so many ways you are able! So don’t knock this tradition just yet. Go to a dunk and then tell me how you feel.

Thanks for reading,